NBA 2K18 Review: Standard, Legend, Legend Gold Edition

Stands Up to the Hype! - Best Game till Now

NBA 2K18 is like no other game made ever. It is going to instill the pure effects and sensation of the real NBA playoffs for its players.

Is NBA 2K18 going to be Worth the expectations?


For those who are a super Basketball fans, this game is at its peak for developments. Despite the same scene after NBA 2K17, we have much better features and graphic standards lined up with NBA 2K18.


Administering few glitches in the NBA 2K17 game version, the new game will have each and every section properly adjusted. Improved visuals, mechanics, modes will leave you stunned. There are fewer canned animations on each mode so that the game is more in control of the player playing it.


There will be three different Editions. We will even get Regular Legend Edition & Gold Legend Edition. Gamers who pre-order the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition will receive special Shaq memorabilia, in-game content, and Early Tip-Off Access.


The price factor is still not complimentary to the standard of the game. So, definitely, the game is worth a shot for its fans to try.

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Editions which you love and adore as a Fan


NBA 2K18 Standard Edition
  • Access to the NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Weekend
  • 5,000 in Virtual Currency
  • 10 Weeks of MyTeam Packs
  • MyTeam themed cosmetic items


NBA 2K18 Legend Edition
  • Upgraded version of the standard game
  • 100,000 in Virtual Currency
  • 20 weeks of MyTeam Packs
  • Opening hours of MyCareer a little easier
  • Character add-ons

Physical copies of NBA 2K18 Legend Edition come with 5 Panini cards, Shaq MyTeam Stickers and a poster.

Legend Gold

NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold
  • Most expensive version
  • 250,000 in Virtual Currency
  • 40 weekly MyTeam Packs.
  • Character add-ons
  • Only for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PCs and PS4 gamers.

Physical copies of NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold include a poster, 10 Panini Cards, Shaq MyTeam Stickers & a lenticular printing.

NBA 2K18 for different Game Consoles

Graphics, Visuals, Mechanics, and Modes
NBA 2K18 on PS4 legend edition

Visual will be main highlights of NBA 2K18 with unrivaled gameplay and game modes, a must-play for all sports fans.

NBA 2K18 Switch

NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch will offer MyGM team-management, MyLeague, MyCareer, and mode. It Does Not Have Amiibo Support.


The improvement in Graphic will give amaze you. But it can't be compared to PS4. 2K team took it to another level for PS4


Enjoy a ludicrously polished and tight game of basketball. The realism and tweaks to gameplay and options makes it a entry great, giving basketball fans an immersive and varied experience.


The NBA 2K18 for PC version will not feature many gameplay editions. It is a simple game roster version of the current NBA seasons.

NBA 2k18 xbox 360 latest version

If nothing else, then, the game manages to impress with the sheer level of detail it provides. Upgrade HD TV or Game console to enjoy improved graphics.

NBA 2K18 for PS3 & PS4

Most of the readers here are aware that people who pre-order the games have early delivery than the stores. I am certain that the deliveries will compel to 15th of September whereas the game will reach the stores as on 19th or 20th of September. The NBA 2K18 Legend and Legend Gold Edition are both available for Sony PlayStation 3 and PS4.

NBA 2K18 for PS3 And PS4

Experiencing NBA features of your PlayStation device is the best kind of virtual gaming that you can enjoy. There is still time to pre-order your NBA 2K18 for PlayStation 3 & 4 if you want to. Simply you need to access the official PlayStation Store for PS Games and place your order for the game version that you wish to have.​

You will notice that there are several perks or gifts that you will be entitled to receive with the delivery of your NBA 2K18 game.

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The advantage of pre-order is that you will receive the game 4 days prior to standard release and In-Game Bonus like cash points. So, enjoy the game before the others do by pre-ordering yours today.

NBA 2K18 for XBox One & XBox 360

Similar to the Sony PlayStation gaming, Xbox One and XBox 360 also complete the gamers dreams by providing them the best experience. The only difference with PlayStation and XBox is the development company. The former belongs to Sony and the Later belongs to Microsoft. The devices and use are very common for both.

NBA 2K18 for PS3 And PS4
  • All Gameplay modes are available for this game on the XBox devices.
  • There are flexibilities in making different moves during play.
  • MyLEAGUE mode is available for these devices so that the users can easily perform different activities other than basketball matches.
  • Moreover, with XBox One and XBox 360, the users can access the fastest modes of gaming without complex graphic requirements.
NBA 2k18 xbox 360 latest version

There is surely going to be more to add here, but, it's a surprise for all. I am also eagerly waiting for the game release so that I can personally have a taste of the experience. To preorder your game, access the Microsoft XBox Store and place your order. With the Early Tip-Off users will be able to enjoy the game before standard users get their hands on it.

NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gaming console proves to be of the highest rating annual sports title with NBA 2K18 release. There are extensive features that make the gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch device spectacular. Having a portable gaming console is the next-gen leap for gamer's advantage. Here are some of the features of the NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch;

Nintendo Switch NBA 2K18 Game
  • Ease of gaming with the portable device so you can take it anywhere you want.
  • Develop the MyPLAYER functionality and master your way for making MyCAREER mode worth people to follow.
  • Connect via WiFi to play a multiplayer game that adds up to your MyLEAGUE mode for fun with friends.

Definitely, there is more to come your way. Other features are yet to unveil and with passing days, you will surely come to know it all. There are many features that the Nintendo Switch console will have that resemble the PS4 Legend version. Hence, you are in for a real treat with NBA 2K18 Game if you are waiting for this console device.

NBA 2K18 for PC [Windows]

The game is not just for the standard gaming console devices but it is soon going to release on the PC and Android/iOS devices too. I cannot assure you about the Smartphone version as of yet, however, there is an idea about the NBA 2K18 for PC device in the market. It won't be long after the release of the game for PS3, PS4 and the XBox devices that the Windows PC device users will be able to enjoy it too.

As of now, I can share the only details that are important for this setup. These are so-called requirements which you must ensure that your PC device satisfies. If your device falls short for compatibility, you will not be able to enjoy the game even after the successful installation. Below are the requirements;

  • Windows version that holds compatibility will be Windows 7, 8.1, & 10 (64Bit)
  • Minimum RAM requirement is 4GB and recommendation is 8GB.
  • Intel processor - Core i3 (2.9GHz) or AMD processor - Phenom II X4 805
  • DirectX 11 graphic standards.
  • Graphic card can be
  • Harddisk Space requirement for the game is 70GB.

And that's probably it. NBA 2K17 also had similar system requirements and hence you can expect the better game to have a little more. So, keep your self-prepared with these and any more prerequisites to match up for compatibility. Moreover, the NBA 2K18 for PC version will not feature many gameplay editions. It is a simple game roster version of the current NBA seasons.

About NBA 2K18 Game Stats

Concluding nothing else but great gaming experience, 2K Games has been leading the company and its fans to the top. The sports mode is completely on for them if you ask me. Looking at last years NBA 2K17 game, there is no doubt that NBA fans have had goose bumps while playing the matches. It had a tremendous following from its users and now, they eagerly await the latest NBA 2K18 version of the game.

  • In July, the tentative dates had been revealed by the developers and the game is still set to launch as per schedule.
About NBA 2K18

You can read about the NBA Release Date here too. Later, we have seen that Shaquille O' Neal is the one who is on the covers for the NBA 2K18 Legends Edition and Legends Edition Gold. This has the fans going crazy as he is the most respected and skillful player of the sport.

On the announced session, the first pre-order sale was on for users who wished to book their games in advance. There are special gifts that the users will receive with their game package as complimentary service from 2K Games. NBA 2K Games are not just PlayStation console games or XBox enjoying ventured sports, they are more. For those who love NBA sport, this edition is going to be a boon that they have been waiting for so long.

To understand each and every detail regarding the Next-Gen upgrade on the game, you will have to go through the details of its features. Although most of the things are already revealed, you are about to find out some unseen facts here. I urge you to sit back and read through the details of the next section to learn more about this.

The NBA 2K18 Edition - Next Gen Graphics

People have always been amazed at how 2K Games has come out to bring in the best graphics for any of its games. Be it the sports ventures or the action dominated ones, there is a touch of reality in every move, characteristic and play of their games.

The NBA 2K series has been by far the most successful and banded gaming experience by the team. Real life stars and their teams appear on the play with distinctive moods and moves installed now.

I have recently covered up the gaming console and checked with an insider to the story on the development of the game's art. There are so many revelations from my side that I would love to share with my readers here. Firstly, you will be amazed to know that the Basketball game's developers have designed, animated and modified each player from scratch. They did not rely on previous version data which is why we will see a notable difference in the graphics when it comes to NBA 2K18 edition.

There are many resources that come up with daily reflections of the updates that the team at 2K Games provide. Some of these screenshots that they shared left me stunned. You can never imagine that the animation level can come this close to reality. Checking out the game-stills there, I am truly fascinated to cover their details on the design of the game and its standards.

Below are some key points of the Next Gen Art revealed by experts themselves:

A narrative-driven story-based franchise experience

Improvements to online play in up to 30 players per league

Movement is no longer driven by animations in NBA 2K18

Below are some key points of the Next Gen Art revealed by experts themselves:

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The Technical Concept of NBA 2K18


2K Games and Making of NBA 2K18

2K Games officially produce the game for the NBA Playoffs and hence, it is not difficult for them to schedule appointments with the players. However, it takes longer durations due to differences in schedule timings and locations of each team and their members. The developers at 2K games capture stills and shots of the players through 146 Canon cameras. These cameras are distinctive and contain self-powering scanners that can extract upto 16000 texture points from the player's bodily movements.


Gestures of the player

The cameras are spread at various positions in a highly lit room where the gestures of the player are recorded. The 2K team concentrates on facial expressions, signature moves, player's tattoos, etc. "Every detail counts. We allow each player to exhibit their natural self in front of the cameras so that we can delve the same on their character", as quoted by Anton Dawson, NBA 2K18 Art Team director. Phasing in the details is a tremendous work of skills and takes efforts to get it accurate.


Signature expression and Move of the player

Even after framing in through contacts, I am not able to exactly define their receipt for preparation of the expressions. Although, I do have a few names of the latest expressions that are added to the list. You will see what they call "Scrunch Face" that defines maximum aggression that builds wrinkles on the face of the player. There is also "Dunk Face" that defines an excited look reflecting sort of a boasting nature. Basically, the art team has indulged every signature expression and move of the player from his/her reality.


Talking about signature expressions, there is one example that I am fascinated to share with you here. 2K Development Team shot Stephen Curry while having his mouth guard in his mouth so that they can capture his expressions. The player is seen chewing off his mouth guard as he scores for the team in an expressive victory gesture. Hence, we can see that such details will also encase Next-Gen graphics on the latest NBA 2K18 Game.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The Art and Graphic Upgrade of NBA 2K18


Rebuild each player's models

There was no point in reframing concepts from the previous version of the games now. Art Team at 2K Games saw that this merely induced the game to fall short of its potential. For the latest NBA 2K18 version, the developers stipulated the concept to rebuild each player's models. There is the use of higher resolution base mesh that can handle details accurately. These are important to get rounded structures like around the ears, or facial sculpturing, etc.


Rebuild each player's models

NBA 2K18 first look

The team improvised several library records of their scans and revisited them to rebuild the characters. Still, I have no idea of which players were scanned at the earliest stage of the development of NBA 2K18. They did not just rebuild the details on the players itself. What you are going to witness with the latest game is new uniforms and accessories too. Initially, there were merely 6 fixed body types for the players to choose from. Now, the range is infinite (In the range of probability).


Body System for Users

Matching up a 'beefy' player against a 'skinny' player, in reality, has certain effects on the game play. This was supposed to be added to the game too. 2K Team has developed the body system that allows users to create their own unique body type. To encapture the details of the uniforms, the team used laser scanners to produce 10 million poly-mesh models of the uniforms. The scan accurately got most of the details like Jersey size, number ratio to jersey size, border size from the stripe to edge.


Accessories including Shoes, Sleeves, Knee Grip etc.

To cope with the jersey colorization, the developers mixed the concept of Cross-Polarization to diffuse and reflect color. "The team colors have always been spot on" quotes Dawson. The team is confident that these changes have played an important role in bringing the Next-Gen Graphic Art upgrade to the game series. Other important accessories including about 200 pairs of shoes were scanned and arm sleeves, knee grip were all rescanned for this game.

There are more revelations that neither I nor other experts can compare in this upgrade. However, when the game will launch, we are all going to enjoy the spectacular series for sure. Each year, players of the game expect changes in graphics and assimilation of the concepts but this time, it's going to be like a whole new level.

After going through these details on technical aspects of the art development by the team, you will witness the NBA 2K18 Review for the game and its characteristics. I will brief you on what the NBA 2K17 had and the amount of variation it is going to achieve in the latest version of NBA 2K18.

Calibrating the Changes with NBA 2K18 Review

The game is going to be available soon (September 2017) for all platforms including Sony PlayStation (3 & 4), XBox One, XBox 360, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. Kyrie Irving is on the cover for most of the game versions but Shaquille O'Neal is the star for NBA 2K18 Legends and Gold Edition. He represents the game with a fresh look on covers to rejuvenate the standards of the game.

From what I have heard and read, there are people who deem that NBA 2K18 will make NBA 2K17 look like trash. There are several posts on Twitter from Steve Noah sharing the pictures of stills from both versions. There are clear fragments that define the changes between both the versions. The difference on both is clear as day and night.

You will see alot of realistic graphical endurance on the NBA 2K18 whereas the previous version looks flimsy.

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I have successfully compiled some of the graphic stills from both the games and compared them side to side for my readers here. Go through the same here below to clearly see the difference;

NBA 2K18 Player2

Check out Gordon Hayward from NBA 2K17 (left) and in contrast the new version of NBA 2K18 (right). Clearly, the definition of lighting adjust is appropriate to natural camera shots. Moreover, the body and face graphics clearly distinguish both in these images.

This is D'Angelo Russell in a split scene, although from different angles, depict the grace the new technology adds. Clearly, the player has lost a few pounds as his character depicts in NBA 2K18 version of the game. However, just like other players, facial makeover and a new hairstyle put them in the newest feel for the game.

NBA 2K18
NBA 2K18 player

Another still depicts similar stances of Ben McLemore of Memphis Grizzlies here on both, NBA 2K17 (left) and NBA 2K18 (right). This picture shows lesser difference yet there is a significant improvement in direction of graphics.


  • Who loves Visuals
  • Who wants Gameplay, Graphics And Animation
  • Gamer who loves to control player and his all moves.
  • Who loves challenges like tougher to score


  • Who is worried about passing speed which can be a little slow.
  • Who don't want New Animations and Player Strength
  • Who don't want the best-looking 2K ever

There are many more stills of other stars on Twitter shared by Steve Noah, some of which are; Damian Lillard, Dwight Howard, Nick Young, John Wall, Kristpas Porzingis, etc. Steve Noah is the owner of OperationSports®. This association/firm covers video games and sports catalogs of the top brands and standards. Well, thanks to him, there are even more enthusiastic players getting eager for the game release.

FAQ of NBA 2K18

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Coming to know so much about the game before its release is probably impossible as the developers make sure that least knowledge is shared across. The team has stipulated the answers to all questions that possibly can be answered regarding the game, statistics, models, features, etc. However, until the game is not out, no one really defines each and every of its characteristics.


I had personally tried to find out few of the queries that tick on my mind and surely ticks on other's minds too. Here are few of the questions can be reasoned with as general FAQs regarding the gameplay of NBA 2K18;

Will Rookies have Tattoos as originals depict?

Will users be able to trade the Injured Players on different game modes?

What is the crowd reaction like?

Well, there are so many questions on our minds and yet, few days to go for the answers to clearly show up. I understand that you cannot keep up with the excitement anymore. Rest assured, keep your expectations high as NBA 2K18 is going to be the best version of the series in terms of gameplay and graphic amusement.

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Well, Folks! This is it from my side. I hope that this guide post on "NBA 2K18 Review: Checked Next-Gen Graphics on Standard, Legend, Legend Gold Edition" has been utmost significant for the NBA 2K game fans. I will be happy to see your suggestions and feedbacks soon. To contact, reach here at NBA2K18. Thank you, dear readers.