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Anyone love playing basketball? Well, if you do and if you’re a big fan of the game, you just might have arrived at the right place. Because today, we are going to talk about the latest official game from 2K, Inc. This article is going to be about NBA 2K18 APK Download for Android.

This is going to be yet another massive release in the NBA 2K series. This year, with the success of the NBA 2k17, people have been eagerly waiting for the next iteration of the game and it has finally arrived. Focusing on the exploits of the National Basketball Association, this game has become a huge hit among basketball and video game lovers alike.

In this article, we are going to talk about the various features and the download guides of the game. We will also have a look at the wishlist and cover predictions for NBA 2K18 APK Download Game.

NBA 2K18 apk


There are some good news and some bad news for the Android users. The bad news is that in spite of being available for the Android platform, this game is not free on the Google Play Store. You have to pay a hefty sum to get your hands on this gem. [TOC]

You can download the 2K17 version right from the Play Store by paying something around $8. If you are a hardcore fan and can shell out that much amount for the great game, then I suggest you go for it. Because this is the official way to download and install the game. Imagine the cost that would come up for the NBA 2K18 APK Download from the app store. People are awaiting for the release date of WWE 2K18 too.

If you want to download NBA 2K18 for free on Android you can do it via apk and cache, but you’ll have to install the game manually.

The good news that I said, is that you can get this game from third party sites for free! Yes, you just have to get the NBA 2K18 APK Download and install it manually. The steps for that process is given right below. But first, you need to do some changes to your settings before you can install third-party apps on your Android device.

  • Open the Settings menu of your Android device.
  • Select the “Security” section.
  • Scroll down until you find an option by the name “Unknown Sources” and enable that option.

This will allow you to install apps from third-party sources. Now, on to the NBA 2K18 APK download steps.

  • The game is around 2.5 GB in size and you will need a stable and fast internet connection to download that big a file. And you will also need more than 3 GB of free space on your storage once you install the game.
  • The first thing you need to do is to get the NBA 2K18 APK download and the data(obb) file from the links provided below.

This effectively completes the procedure of NBA 2K18 APK download and install the game. You can then open the game and start playing basketball as a player of the NBA.

NBA 2K18 apk download


It is a basketball simulation game and its main focus is to depict the experiences of the NBA as realistically as possible. It has many improvements when compared to the previous installments in the series. In this game, you can play as a real basketball player or as a customized player which you can create.

NBA 2K18, weighing in at a whopping 2.6 GB, it was bound to have a ton of features in it and not everything can be covered in this list. So, you will have to find some of the great ones on your own after you start playing the game. After all, we wouldn’t want to tell you everything and spoil the fun of discovering things on your own.

I have jotted down some of the features of this game in the list below;

  • You can play basketball games with the players of your choice. They can be real life players or the ones you can create over the course of the game.
  • Players can also be a part of real teams and also customized ones using the NBA 2K18 APK Download.
  • You have to play the games while following the rules and regulations of the NBA and its objectives.
  • Some of the game’s qualities are based on real life presentation such as the crowds cheering, commentators, player behaviors, camera angles, and many other things.
  • The game also includes a total of 11 different announcers and commentators including  Shaquille O’Neal,  Brent Barry, David Aldridge, and Doris Burke.
  • NBA 2K18 also features real life teams from the current and the past. There are teams like the present Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors.
  • The game also includes historic NBA teams like the Chicago Bull, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics. There is a total of 36 teams from which the player can select.
  • There are two features of the NBA 2K18 APK Download game, namely MyGM and MyLeague. These features allow the player to control a specific team and customize many aspects of the team.
  • Players stimulate a basketball player and go through the seasons, playing games and participating in off-season activities.
  • NBA 2K18 also has a feature of league expansion in which you can create your own expansion team in a manner similar to what happens in the real life.

These were some of the most amazing features of NBA 2K18 APK Download that we wouldn’t miss on presenting. When you start playing the amazing game, you will discover new and new features as you progress through the game. You can easily install the game using the steps in the previous section.

NBA 2K Android


There is alot of commotion for the NBA 2K18 Cover and who will be the face of the game for different covers. Well, there is no need to guess more on who will be on the cover of the game. This is because the announcement for the same is already out. Although, there are chances to predict and narrow down to a few names.

The most likely names of the people whom we might get to see on the NBA 2K18 games covers include;

  • Stephen Curry: plays for the Golden State Warriors team of NBA. He is also voted as the Most Valuable Player of NBA Playoffs.
  • Kevin Durant: played for Oklahoma City Thunder and then joined Golden State Warriors in 2016.
  • Blake Giffin: has won the NBA Rookie of the year in 2017 and is a prestigious player of the Los Angeles Clippers.

These are the three best players that we expect to be on the covers for the NBA 2K18 game. There are few more names like; Giannis Antetokounmpo, Chris Paul, Gordon Hayword, etc. who have their chances on the NBA 2K18 APK Download covers. You will get to know who is on the covers soon as you keep reading through the article here.


When the NBA 2K17 was out, there were some really cool features that the user did not imagine on the game platform. Well, now with the NBA 2K18 APK Download, the expectations have risen to levels. Alot of key points can come up for the Gameplay predictions on the game. Here are some of the Gameplay features that users can expect from NBA 2K18;

  • MyCareer Mode: We have the Career mode on the NBA 2K17 also. The presumable Career Mode of the latest upcoming version will have the ability to create new players. The users can create and modify their players at various stages of the tournament. Also, the player’s capability to score and efficiency of shoots will increase with the increase in the time span in the game.
  • MyManager Mode: This feature is also another existing mode on the NBA 2K games platform. The player gets to choose and manage a team just as the real team manager does in real NBA Playoffs. There are financial stats too for each player that the manager controls. In the latest NBA 2K18 APK Download, this mode is also going to have more additions like manage resources, betting, or game money.
  • VR Mode compatibility: We also can expect the VR Compatibility to appear for the NBA 2K18 game. With many advances in the gaming industry, the Virtual Realization feature seems to make the experience more realistic. On this mode, the users will feel like they are playing the match themselves. Let’s see if there really is the VR feature for the Gameplay betterment.

Regarding the gameplay, there is a lot more we can expect when it comes to NBA 2K18 APK Download. You can also find WWE 2K18 Game Play released recently. These were just a few to mention but we will get to know more about this before the actual release of the game. To test newly created apps beforehand.


NBA 2K18 to hit the platforms of several devices this September is about to break records for the hit games in the market. The 2K Games already making a mark, are coming up with their hit series of NBA games soon. Because of this, there are lots of predictions and expectations that follow the game’s release.

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Here is a list of extended Wishlists that we can find over the web that the experts of the gaming world have for the NBA 2K18 APK Download version;

  • The Customization front looks brighter than usual as far as expectations go with the 2K Games. There are more realistic features that the game offers and hence the freedom to access more custom rules of the gameplay. Users expect to build a strong team on their own which can play even more like a real Playoff game. Also, there is a high expectation on the custom facial or hand gesture movement of the players. Player customization is more ideal than the game customization for most and that is why people require the need to make the player’s reactions natural or custom too.
  • Less Clipping in GamePlay should be there with NBA 2K18 APK Download. A collision detection is to be more accurate for the players to make the right movement. With NBA 2K17. this was minimal and we could see players entering the other’s body. This was the major glitch we could see in the game but we expect that the developers have placed this out now.
  • Users expect Situational Animations to be on the front this year with the latest release of NBA 2K18 games. There is no animation for blocks and defensive collisions below the ring. This is unfortunate as the angle does not change until the opponent takes control of the ball. This is something that the users expect to see the on the NBA 2K18 APK Download. Users expect the latest game to have realistic animations from several angles including the audience’s front row intrusions by players. This is more realistic as a player in the real game always falls off to the back end of the pole whilst taking a layup or defending the basket.

So, these are the wishlist expectations that the users would like to have for the NBA 2K18 game. Definitely, it depends on every gamers choice as per the expectations he/she has with the game. This is what we feel that the ideal changes in the NBA 2K18 APK Download should be.


There are many additions that we can also expect in the individual modes apart from new mode launches like the VR Compatibility. Likewise, the My Career Mode will also retain most of its previous features with some new additions. Here are some of the My Career mode additions that we might see in the NBA 2K18 APK Download;

  • Player Information and custom intro: At times you wish that the introduction for a single player should be different throughout the tournament. Well, in the career mode we cannot expect the developers to provide the same monotonous intros. Hence, a customization feature is highly expected here.
  • Customizable strength attributes: There should be a realistic flow of game endurance as the players in real games become profuse and tired after the first two rounds of the game. Such attributes should be present in the NBA 2K18 APK Download game. For example, if the shooter gets the shots repeatedly, then he’s accuracy is bound to lower after some time or get better according to his endurance.
  • Attack and defense switch: The main purpose of the game is to strike the basket and attack it. However, there is a need to switch the players to the defensive mode too. By doing so, they may accurately defend the loss of their point. The Game’s career mode should take into account not just the attack benefits of a player but he’s defensive potential also. This way they can add value to the particular player in the game.

So, these were the My Career edition improvements that are likely to be put up for the game this year. With NBA 2K18 APK Download, the users are going to immensely enjoy the role play routine as this year, the game is focussing most on that aspect. Their motive in the career mode is to make the player’s approach more realistic and custom for the user.


We all remember the last year’s NBA 2K17 Legend Edition game cover star. That’s right folks! Kobe Bryant was the most expected and truly the appearing star on the covers of the NBA 2K17 Legends edition. Well, you might be wondering for the name of the star that will appear on the NBA 2K18 Legends edition cover but there is no need for that.

NBA 2K18 apk gold edition

On 8th May 2017, we have got the name of the NBA star that is going to appear on the game cover for the Legends edition. It is none other than, Shaquille O’ Neal who has been chosen and declared as the cover star here this year. Shaq’s cover was released on that day and he was truly grateful to the NBA 2K Games for their support to the NBA Playoff sport.

Also, the star is placed up for the Legend Edition Gold version which provides the users with additional in-game content. The game is yet to be released officially as it will be on September, the 19th. This is the date expected for the game to hit all other platforms like the Sony Play Station (PS3 & PS4), Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PCs, etc.

The cost for the standard “Legends edition” is going to be $100, and for the Gold version will be $150. You will be happy to know that with both these editions, users get Shaq’s posters, trading cards, and flyer stickers. NBA 2K18 APK Download will also cost a minimal of about $59.99 on the Play Store. So, start filling up your piggy banks and get some savings on for this spectacular game of all time.


The latest edition of NBA 2K18 is going to come up as on the September 15th of 2017. Users are eager to get the game and hence are looking for ways to pre-order the game. Well, the best place to pre-order your Play Station 4 Games is the Play Station Store on the web.

Here is the link to access the NBA 2K18 pre-order page on the Play Station Store. The cost for the same is $59.99 which for this 2K Games hit series is quite reasonable. All users can avail the Standard editions and the Gold Legends edition for their PS4 from the official site after the 15th or on it if they have pre-order the same.


The NBA 2K18 APK Download is the most awaited game for the fans of the 2K Games. Officially, there are many videos that you will see promoting the game itself. We have put up the most rated and top trailer videos which you may wish to see. These  get to know more about the game;

  • NBA 2K18 game stats trailer.
  • Official Legends Cover Star and Release Date Announcement

There are plenty of more video that you can scroll through on YouTube. Where some are Fan-made, others discuss their wishlist features that the game indulges with. All the suspense is about to clear out on 15th September 2017. So, sit tight and pre-order now to get it officially.

Finally, we leave you with this content now. We hope that this information on NBA 2K18 APK Download Guide and the descriptive article has been useful to all of our readers. We shall keep posting with updates on the same. You can contact us at nba2k18 for feedback and suggestions.